CT's Automotive, Inc. is a full service automotive repair shop.

Repair Services:
Complex Diagnosis/Check engine light testing
Radiator & Cooling System repairs
Air Conditioning/Heating systems (HVAC)
Differential & Suspension repairs
Steering system repairs
Timing Belt/Water Pump
Engine & Transmission installation/replacement
Engine Tuning
Fuel System repairs
After-market Performance &
Accessory installation including Lift/leveling kits, cold air induction systems, performance chips and accessories, Suspension assecories, etc.

Maintenance Services:


Oil changes 

(Our standard oil is a Synthetic Blend oil, and we offer Full Synthetic oil, as well. We always replace your filter with a premium oil filter every oil change. Our Oil Changes ALWAYS include a complementary general vehicle inspection. Oil change intervals still range from 3000-5000 miles for optimum life of your engine).


All Fluid changes

(Ask About the Top of the line BG Products for optimal performance and maintenance care)


Filter Changes (Oil, Air, Transmission, Fuel etc.)


Tire rotation

Batteries/Charging system


Tune up (spark plugs etc.)


Fuel Injection

Belts and hoses replacement


Shocks / Struts

Timing Belt

Serpentine Belts

Manufacturer Recommended Services and Inspections per your vehicle's maintenance schedule.